Your actions do matter, and always will

A healthy environment is a basis for the preservation of human existence and sustainable development societies. It is the nature that surrounds us, as well as what man created using its science and technology to meet their needs.

Our needs are diverse, growing and constantly changing with the development of technology. Unfortunately, resources to meet these needs are getting smaller while at the same time the negative impact of people on the environment is growing. Today’s society is in everyone consumer sense: buying, consuming, accumulating trash, without thinking and rationalization. In order for this to change, we need to change each one of us your habits.

What should we do to make a difference?

However, not only are habits that need to change: it is necessary to define good and sustainable “Green” laws aimed at rational consumption, reducing global pollution and global climate change. Because our planet is polluted. This means that there are many harmful matters in nature around us whose cause is human activity and negligence, or natural processes that are harmfully affecting the quality of the environment and human health.

When clean water is available to us, we do not think about its value and importance. For most people, water simply springs out of the fountain. Do you know that 97 percent of the water on our whole planet is salty (not for consumption), and only 3 percent is fresh water? The largest amount of fresh water is “chained” to the glaciers, as much as 2 percent. So, only 1 percent of water from the lake, river, and stream, and those underground is used for consuming, and without water our life is unimaginable.

Only when we realize that the preservation of our environment is important for us and for the quality of life we live and which will be our children’s lives – then things can change for the better. That’s why we need to know, to be and stay informed, to change. If everyone does it, just a little bit for ourselves, it will mean a lot for nature and for the future of our planet and every living being on it. Let’s go together on the path of responsibility because that is how we can keep, protect and improve the environment, the conditions for the life of humans and the survival of the plant and animal world.

This article was created in collaboration with the sustainable och organic company