Linking you to good practice for biodiversity in Kent…

Good practice for biodiversity requires that the natural environment and wildlife is central to every aspect of our day-to-day lives. It is demonstrated when biodiversity is fully considered in all developments, activities, and initiatives being taken forward in Kent. The examples of a  good practice listed down below do not represent the entire extent of biodiversity projects and initiatives being carried in Kent, but it is a great place to get the relevant information. Some examples of good practice in Kent are:

Betteshanger Park

Betteshanger Park Business Development is designed to provide 22,300sqm of quality employment space and a community country park. It will accommodate a range of business types within a high-quality business park environment, managed sustainably for long-term success.

Building for Nature

Increased development pressures are affecting the whole South East. SEEDA’s Building for Nature project aims to minimize the impact of building development on the environment and to seek positive gains for our wildlife in new developments.

Kent Design Guide

This good practice guide requires us to think in innovative ways about the integration of land use and transportation; of mixed-use developments and the use of ‘brownfield’; the role for town centres; community participation in the development process; and the careful use of resources – such as energy and water – in the construction and the whole-life use of buildings.

Kent Sustainable Business Partnership

The Kent Sustainable Business Partnership has been created to provide programs and help for Kent companies to improve environmental performance and economic competitiveness.


Every fourth species of mammals on Earth is threatened by extermination, and before the extinction. For plants, this goes up to 50 percent! The biggest dangers for the animal and plant life are poaching and animal trafficking, a business that each year brings between five and eight billion dollars and whose victims are over 350 million plants and animals. We need to develop an awareness of the importance and conservation of the living world, and at the same time to conquer and apply clean technologies.