We manage over 70 species-nature habitats and reserves in the UK and we are assisting managing all the wild sites that are located in the Kent area. Our main goal is to protect all the wildlife because nature is indeed in need of our unconditional help and together with the help from our volunteers, supporters, partners, members, and authorities we can work in order to protect the wildlife all across our country.
Our goal is to bring people more close to nature, and we do this through numerous events, projects, activities, education seminars, and programs that are dedicated to teaching and informing people about the value the wildlife has to offer to them and to the world as well as to our collective future. Every day we are dedicated to raising the awareness regarding issues that are affecting the wildlife in our country and we invite anyone interested on the subject and the whole public to take part and make changes that are positive for them and their communities.
To anyone that reached to us, as well as to schools, colleges, businesses, and authorities, we offer and provide educational seminars, ecological advising and consultancy, and anything else they may need.