About Us

About Us - Picture © Steve Samson

The Kent Biodiversity Partnership is...

A broad network of organisations, each with a common focus for biodiversity conservation in Kent.

The Partnership aims to make Kent a place where plants, animals and habitats are protected and enhanced, both for their own sake and as an integral part of the quality of life in the county.

The Partnership's Steering Group has a role in:

  1. Overseeing the development, implementation, monitoring and review of the Kent Biodiversity Action Plan (Kent BAP)
  2. Leading the way in developing partnership projects and initiatives for the protection and conservation of biodiversity in Kent
  3. Ensuring biodiversity is at the heart of our aim for a more sustainable future for Kent

A list of Partnership Projects is provided in alphabetical order, giving a short description of the flagship initiatives achieved by working together over the past eight years.

You can also find here the new Biodiversity Opportunity Areas in Kent developed in 2009 as part of the South England Biodiversity Strategy.

Each project follows themes identified as priorities in Working with the grain of nature, a biodiversity strategy for England, 2002.

  • Biodiversity indicators measuring achievement
  • Towns, cities and development
  • The coasts and seas
  • Local and regional action
  • The engagement of business
  • Promoting education and public awareness